She's officially the Sexiest Woman of All Time, so it kinda makes sense for Rachel to get her own Hall of Fame Induction, don'tcha think?

Go to any wedding and watch the dance floor swell with chorus-singing men and women of all ages when an S Club 7 records comes on.

Their multimillion-selling singles Reach, Bring It All Back, Don't Stop Movin' and S Club Party are incredibly cheesy but they're undeniably catch, memorable, and enduring - the true mesasure of classic pop songs.



And although Simon Fuller may have peddled the seven-piece as a band of equals, everyone was aware from the start that Rachel was the real front person.



It's safe to say that when FHM ran its first split cover run S Club issue, with Jo, Tina and Hannah also getting their own covers, it was the Rachel edition that sold out first.



So it was no surprise that, when S Club disbanded after 4 years in 2003, Rachel went solo and brought the world such poptastic, dribble-inducing videos as Sweet Dreams My LA Ex in 2003.



And even coaxed us over to Brucey for a bit of Strictly Come Dancing in 2008.



But it's FHM and Rachel who really go way back. She's been on a total of 8 covers, over an astounding 14 years, which you can check out in this here timeline.

And of course, with every shoot comes amazing videos like this...




Which, in turn, leads to the maestros of the vast internet creating gob-stopping GIFs like this...



Perhaps what's most amazing of all is that Rachel never even topped the 100 Sexiest list. However, she did capture the publics' attention (and eyeballs) enough to take the runner-up spot in 2001, 2002 and 2004. Which is pretty bloody impressive.

So raise a glass to the woman who trumped the likes of J-Lo, Britney and Cheryl Cole to be crowned FHM Sexiest Woman of All Time.

The FHM 20 Years of 100 Sexiest Issue is out now and available to download on Android and iPad.