Part of Keeley Hazell's extraordinary global appeal is her status as the ultimate girl-next-door. She's smart, articulate, passionate and prettier than an African sunset seen through a diamond. And that's why you'll find her on the cover of this month's mag. FHM explores just why everybody fancies her so much.

01 If you gaze into her eyes for more than 30 seconds, you will eventually forget to breathe.

02 She's really good at making hearts with her hands.

03 She's just the right amount of strange.

04 She fits perfectly into windows.

05 She's got really soft hands. OK, we don't know that to be a fact. But don't they look really soft?

06 She wears swimsuits that look like she's missed the leg holes and still manages to look sensational.

07 She makes a nice beach look even better.

08 She is living proof that girls look awesome in our T-shirts.

09 She isn't materialistic. Look – she doesn't even need a proper bed.

10 Even her shadow has got great legs.

11 When she spills stuff on herself, it automatically turns into a love heart. 

12 She's got great taste in socks.