Ranking at #2 in this year's 100 Sexiest, and with only an American above her, that officially makes Michelle Keegan the UK's hottest. Here's 20 very convincing reasons why...

01 Even first thing in the morning, she looks incredimazing.

02 No, really. Have you seen her without make-up? It's insane.

03 She likes dogs.

04 She can pull off blue glasses.

05 She makes you want to turn any onesie into a twosie.

06 She's got incredibly sexy friends (Cheryl is this year's #13).

07 She's probably the only woman on the planet that could ever convince us to drink a glowing, fruit-laden beverage.

08 She's got loads of funny mates off the telly.

09 She's won countless awards for sexiness (that's not one of them).

10 She dresses like sunshine.

11 She's very pretty, even when you can't see her eyes.

12 She can pull off a fringe.

13 She looks unreal even when she's pretending to be a flamingo.

14 She makes us want to go back to school.

15 She can pull off fluffy earmuffs.

16 Blonde, brunette – even bald, she'd still be ridunkulous.

17 She isn't bothered by what other people say about her.

18 Other hot celebrity ladies gravitate towards her irresistible, sexy power.

19 She makes you want to drink warm Carling at a festival.

20 Her glory transcends species.

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