FHM's 100 Sexiest Women In The World 2012: The full list!

Posted by , 02 May 2012


2012 POSITION: 06
2011 POSITION: 02

She’s got Jessica Rabbit’s body and Betty Boop’s face – was she specifically drawn to tantalise mankind by some sexy cartoonist in the heavens? Who cares? She’s single again!

Yes, while simultaneously kicking the cack out of all other wannabe popstrels in the charts, Katy Perry – last year’s number two – got herself divorced from lanky yoga-mop Russell Brand, allowing us to crank up our sexual-fantasy machines once again.

She’s so famous, and so sexy that she’s getting her very own 3D movie this summer. Does anyone know how much it costs to hire a cinema for a one-person private screening?

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