If you haven't heard the name Cora Deitz before, prepare to have it burned into your brain cells forever. The world's sexiest behavioural psychologist stars in her very first FHM shoot this month and it's beyond magical.

For those of you who don't know her, allow us the introduce you...

Not only does the 23-year-old former Midweek Hottie have a degree in behavioural psychology from Queens University in North Carolina (her home state), but she's also made quite the name for herself as an absolutely ace model. Career highlights so far include last year's Fiat 500 ad with Charlie Sheen.

Did he hit on her? Of course he bloody did…

"We were sitting on the beach while they changed cameras around during filming and he said, 'So, we're going on a boat tonight. Will you come?' But I had plans so I politely said no. The strange thing was that his girlfriend was there. Well, she introduced herself as his girlfriend but he didn't refer to her like that. It was very odd."

Here are 3 reasons why we absolutely can't blame the man at all…

Cora Deitz for FHM

Cora Deitz for FHM

Cora Deitz for FHM

To see more of Cora Deitz's ridiculously amazing FHM shoot, and to get her tips on mastering the female brain, grab a copy of this month's mag right bloody now or download in to your iPad or Android device.