The Official 100 Sexiest Women In The World 2014: The full list

Posted by , 30 April 2014

#3 Rihanna

#3 Rihanna

Coming in at an extremely respectable third place, it's pop bad girl RiRi. A lady that can't go a single week without inadvertantly melting Instagram, doing something awesome, be it being a god damn rockstar in a nightclub or getting an ill-judged photo taken with an exotic animal.

Here's a load of extremely GIFtastic reasons why she's the third sexiest woman in the entire world AND the sexiest popstar in the entire universe.

You could say that they're the GIFs that keep on GIFing...

She manages to make normally rubbish dance moves cool


She can tap dance... sort of

She's fierce

rihanna angry


She can pull off any hairstyle




She's a master of sexy, slow-motion blinks

rihanna blink

She's really honest

rihanna i'm perfect

She always looks like she's having fun

She can go from fun to sultry in milliseconds

She's even cute when she's annoyed with you

She's wise

She doesn't let trivial things like wind stop her from being sexy

She always makes you feel welcome

She doesn't get too bogged down with lyrics

Her puppy dog eyes

She's brilliant at smoking tricks

She knows exactly what she wants

She wears things like this


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