Ok, we know it's a pretty bold statement to make - but hear us out. FHM is on a mission to make your life better and here's just three of the many life lessons we have in store for you this month...

01 Become the happiest man you know.

The stuff you fill your life with holds the key to your happiness. No, we're not saying that money buys happiness - but we are suggesting that a dog and a great book will definitely make you smile more.

02 Learn how to bat way out of your league.

With the help of experts from the world of sex and psychology (and a scottish comedian), we show you how to close the deal with beautiful women.

Pull fitter women

03 Book the greatest summer holiday you will ever have.

Looking for something this year that isn't just Club 18-30? FHM takes a look at the places that every man should visit, from island hopping in Croatia to Full Moon parties in Thailand.

Book a better holiday

For all of the above and a whole lot more, spend just £3.99 on the latest issue of FHM. AND we've got Michelle Keegan!

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