It might have felt like a dream at the time but, yes, what you've heard is true - FHM got to be in the same room as Irina Shayk for several minutes while we quizzed her on her debut film, Hercules.

The Russian supermodel will be playing Megara, wife to Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's Hercules. Considering he's half-man, half-God, a Victoria's Secret angel seems fairly fitting.

Still, lucky bastard...

We half-fell-half-sat-down with Irina to talk movies, modelling and on-screen nudity and this is what we learned:


01 She loves a challenge.
Hercules might be Irina's first outing in Hollywood but she wasn't about to shy away from it. "I thought the script was interesting and decided to take a chance. It was definitely challenging for me to step into acting from modelling but I love a challenge."

02 Stripping off for a film is literally 10x scarier than doing it for a photoshoot.
"On a modelling set, there are 20 people behind the camera. On a movie set, there are 200-300 people. You feel a little more pressure but you have to believe in yourself, be comfortable with your body and just deliver it."

And that she did.


03 She might…MIGHT return to the Victoria's Secret catwalk this year.
She missed the 2013 extravaganza due to filming this very movie. When we asked if she'll be shaking a giant, sparkly tail feather on the catwalk this year, she replied, with a sexy glint in her eye, "You never know…"

We'll be keeping our fingers crossed.


04 Yes, she is even more amazing in real life.
Here's the interview to prove it. If you listen closely, you can here our occasional yet incredibly professional nervous giggles...



Hercules is in UK cinemas from July 25.