In this month's issue, we meet 24-year-old student Tessa. And she might just be one of the most interesting girls we've ever met. Here are just five fascinating things she told us...

01 She plays the banjo
"I've played for about four years and it's actually really hard. I play a lot of Neil Young but, no, I can't play the song from Deliverance. When I'm able to play that, I guess I will have probably mastered the banjo."

02 She's from a small town called Whistler in Canada, but she can't whistle.
"My dad never taught me how to whistle or snap my fingers. I guess it was always more of a manly thing. I can make a four-leaf clover with my tongue though. That's got to count for something!"

03 When she was 16, she got drunk and bought a one-way ticket to Kenya.

"I do a lot of random things like that. I got a little drunk, signed up to volunteer at a Kenyan orphanage and did that on and off until I was about 20."

04 She's studying for a degree in sociology

"Because I'm also a full-time model, I do my degree online. At night, usually. I'm just really interested in how people interact in society and why they do what they do." 

05 Her Tumblr is a portal into her dirty mind.

"I just repost whatever I think is interesting, which is lots of naked girls, boys with tattoos and weird things to do with travel."

See for yourself (NSFW).

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