The Official 100 Sexiest Women In The World 2014: The full list

Posted by , 30 April 2014

#5 Kaley Cuoco

#5 Kaley Cuoco

Not content with bursting into the top 10 in 2013, The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco has moved on up from 6th place to 5th and can officially call herself sexier than Mila Kunis, Beyonce and Scarlett Johansson.

If you don't watch The Big Bang Theory (saaay whaaaat?) then you might be a tad unfamiliar. Not to worry - when Kaley sexed up the pages of FHM last July, she also gave us a nifty little fact sheet.

Origin of name:
Cuoco is italian for 'Cook.'

Favourite TV character:
Stewie from Family Guy. "Seth MacFarlane is a total genius - I would love to work with him one day."

Secret racket skill #1
Kaley was an amateur-ranked tennis player. She only stopped playing competitively when she got her first horse, aged 15

Secret racket skill #2
"I'm kind of an amazing ping pong player. I'd destroy you."

Biggest addiction
"Social media. I'm on Twitter and Instagram all the time."

Number of Instagram followers at time of writing

617, 251. Follow her right damn now.

Favourite guilty pleasure
Bye Bye Bye, *NSYNC. "I love working out to that song."

Attitude towards the UK
"The food doesn't suck like everyone tells you. And British guys are great."


"My cell phone, wine, a man's T-shirt, my dogs, and coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee."

"The news, because it's just very negative. Being barefoot. Dishes in the sink. They have to be in the dishwasher - I can't stand it."

Biggest girl crushes
Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Wiig, Mila Kunis.

And to bring you up to speed, here are Penny's sexiest moments:

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