This month's FHM sees Melanie Iglesias in her first-ever British mag shoot that's so hot it might just make you go blind.

Check out our brand new issue where the sexy web sensation and ultimate girl-next-door shows you how to be an internet star and beat the house at poker. Yup, she's that talented...

Here's why you need to buy the mag right now:

01  She can even make animal costumes hot

Sure, we’ve all seen women living it up dressed like bunnies or cats on nights out, but truthfully it’s never really that awesome. If anything it’s almost predictable, hen night 101 even.

But not when Melanie does it, oh no. Check out this bit of Minnie Mouse brilliance.

And this mask…

The last time we saw this mask it was in a Channel 4 dogging documentary and it's haunted our dreams ever since. Now, it’s still in our dreams, but it's a lot more welcome in our floaty head space.

02  Her Instagram feed is like an awesome, sexy hug

Follow her right now.

03  She makes stop-motion sexy

Don’t get us wrong: stop-motion is thoroughly entertaining, but sexy? We enjoyed Wallace and Gromit as much as the next man, but it’s never made our lusty pupils dilate like they do with Melanie’s flipbook videos.

04  She’s a gamer and she likes superheroes 

Words can’t express how slap-your-thigh-and-call-me-Jeffery fantastic that is.

05  Finally, she’s so hot that she can melt ice cream at an alarming rate. 

Essentially, we guess what we're trying to say is that, if Melanie asked us to dance, we would dance. And dance good. Or at least incredibly awkwardly, blinded by love.

Check out the latest issue for more awesome pictures like this...