You'd have to be bonkers to miss our fantastic December ssue. Completely and utterly bonkers. Why? Well, just ask these ridiculously hot girls...

01 Diana Vickers is in her knickers.

It's the rhyme that just won't go away, but that's because we'll never get tired of hearing it.

02 Lauren might just be the best FHM Girlfriend ever.

Readers have gone absolutely crazy on Facebook for Lauren, and it's not just because she's a ballet dancer. See what all the fuss is about.

FHM Girlfriend Lauren

03 Danielle Sharp is Britain's answer to Kate Upton.

She's got brains, beauty and amazing curves. And she's the UK's next top model.

Danielle Sharp for FHM

04 Jess and Staci star in our sexiest winter shoot yet.

As part of our "33 Things All Men Do In Winter" feature, we sit by the fire with Jess and Staci and warm our cockles.

Staci Ann for FHM December

05 Pollyanna Woodward fuels your online telly obsession.

The tech-obsessed presenter of Channel 5's The Gadget Show tells you which online streaming service you should be using.

Pollyanna Woodward for FHM December

Give yourself the gift of undeniable sexiness this Christmas with an FHM subscription. Because you bloody deserve it.