Britney Spears is making a comeback. That’s an unusually perennial phrase to launch an article with, right up there with “Katie Price has a new TV show.”

It seems like Britney’s been making one continuous comeback since 2002, and she’s surfaced again with new album Femme Fatale. She’s taken some great publicity photos and released Hold Against Me – here it is in all its giant-wedding-dress-cyberpunk glory:

She’s done a bunch of interviews, too. One, for American magazine Us Weekly, focused on 25 things we “didn’t know” about Britney Spears – which is a bit presumptuous, really, but whatever. We’re not going to reproduce the entire list now because frankly we have better things to do with our time, but instead run down 5 of the weirder ones:

“1 – I take two baths a day.”

Really? That’s maybe too many. What’s she doing in there? Wouldn’t her skin get all pruney and gross? What if we need to use the toilet?

“3- I love chewing ice.”

Again, Britney, this sounds more like a problem than a quirky thing we don’t know about you. Maybe gum or food might be better than ice.

Chewing all that ice makes her jaw hurt, but Britney soldiers on

“12- I enjoy cooking spaghetti.”

I’m pretty sure we’ve all cooked spaghetti. Is it fun? You boil water, force the pasta down into the pot and then sit and stare at it until it’s done. Can that be “enjoyed?” Maybe that’s the sort of thing she uses to relax when she’s not sat in hot water or chewing ice.

“13 – I’m secretly a photographer.”

Maybe she means she takes pictures and then doesn’t tell anyone about them. We’d much prefer it that this whole singing career is an act, and she’s in fact using it to gain access to celebrities and sell their pictures to Heat.

Probably one of the sexier aprons we've seen

"20 - I'm constantly cleaning my house."

Whenever we see Britney, she’s cleaning her house. These pictures were taken just after she finished scrubbing round the back of the loo and sat down for a cup of tea before preparing to vacuum the first-floor landing.