Meet Sara Malakul Lane: Thai-English model and actress, sexy scream queen and this month's FHM Would Wife. Read her five amazing facts, pick up the new issue and get this girl on your sexy movie radar.

01 She's from everywhere. Her dad's English; her mum is Thai; she was born in Guam; raised in Asia; based in LA.

02 She fancies Bill Clinton: "He's my dream dinner guest. He's hot!"

Bill Clinton GIF saxophone

03 She's massive in Thailand, due to her role in Thailand's answer to Coronation Street. Which is a much better reason than why most people are "famous" in Thailand.

04 She played Steven Seagal's daughter in his late career high-point Belly Of The Beast (a film containing the immortal line, "I couldn't sleep well knowing I hadn't chopped off your balls yet.")

05 She's hotter than a habanero volcano on the surface of the sun.


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