Porn stars, posh hotties and how much British girls masturbate: You'd be bonkers not to pick up this month's issue. Here's 5 reasons why... 

Ashley Sky

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. And there's none more pleasing to the eyes than 22-year-old, face-meltingly hot American Ashley Sky. See her first sexy shoot.

The Truth About British Girls and Sex

Not only do we reveal the full results of the Big Sex Survey 2014, but we've also got Danielle Sharp and Nicole Neal in a shoot so hot it'll literally burn your face off.

James Deen

OK, so maybe you don't find James Deen sexy. But he's a porn star, for crying out loud. The word 'sex' applies more to him than anybody else on this page. FHM went to LA to spend his birthday with him.

James Deen for FHM

FHM Girlfriend: Keira

Say a sexy hello to this library-loving Devonshire hottie.

FHM GIrlfriend: Keira

Lucy Watson

This month, Made In Chelsea's Lucy Watson stars on our cover, answers our Big Questions About Sex and gets a sweat on in our Get Fit With Lucy series. Run Lucy. Ruuuuuuuun!

Lucy Watson GIF


And you. Yeah, you! Run to the shops right now and grab (or download) your mag while it's still hot.