This month's FHM Girlfriend is hotter than a hatchback on a summer's day, prettier than a pixie on a pink petal. She's fit, basically, and really bloody interesting.

Have a sneak at her first-ever FHM (UK) shoot and read these mind-blowing facts:

01 She's got a BSc in Architecture and is on the cusp of starting her master's degree.

02 She's already an FHM cover star, having sexed up the cover of FHM South Africa in February this year.

03 Why FHM South Africa? Because she was born in Johannesberg and lives in Cape Town, silly.

04 Daniel Craig is her favourite of all the James Bonds. To use an actual quote, "I frothed over him when he came out of the water."

05 She's travelled all over the world. Her favourite place? Edinburgh. Not Edinburgh, Indiana. Not Edinburgh, South Australia. Edinburgh, Scotland. Yup.

06 She kind of looks like a brunette Scarlett Johansson. And we're not just saying that to try and get in her good books.

But if you're reading this, Andrea, you look like a brunette Scarlett Johansson. In fact, you're better. You'd have been awesome in Lost In Translation.

Too much?


See the whole amazing shoot and read our exclusive interview with Andrea in this month's mag.