The Official 100 Sexiest Women In The World 2014: The full list

Posted by , 30 April 2014

#6 Mila Kunis

#6 Mila Kunis

Wipe away a tear, Mila Kunis fans. Last year's 100 Sexiest winner has not retained her crown.

Even so, placing 6th is nothing to sniff at, especially when Mila hasn't really been in anything particularly notable this year. She's mainly just been photographed smooching Ashton Kutcher and being possibly maybe pregnant.

With that in mind, coming 6th is quite the testament to what a phenomenally sexy being she clearly is.

Check out our interactive guide to Mila's evolution from 70s Show newbie to 100 Sexiest 2013 winner.

Keep your eyes peeled for Mila's next massive project, Jupiter Ascending, with Channing Tatum and The Matrix creators Lana and Andy Wachowski. It'll be out in cinemas July 25.

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