What's that? The quiet sound of shuffling bums as people finally sit up and take notice of Laura Robson? Damn straight. The British #1 has just smashed her way to the third round of Wimbledon 2013 and the sport just got a lot more exciting. Here's 6 reasons why we think she's bloody brilliant:

01 She's Britain's number 1 at just 19. When we were 19, we hadn't even figured out how to work the washing machine without supervision.

Laura Robson number 1


02 She's very, very pretty and showcases this fact on both her Instagram and her Twitter.

03 She's not afraid of how her tennis face might look.

Laura Robson for FHM

04 She won silver in mixed doubles at the London 2012 Olympics.

Laura Robson instagram


05 She has excellent taste in television.

Laura Robson tweet

06 She made a Gangnam Style video with none other than Maria Sharapova.