The Official 100 Sexiest Women In The World 2014: The full list

Posted by , 30 April 2014

#7 Beyonce

#7 Beyonce

From bringing the sass in Destiny's Child to reinventing herself into the biggest popstar in the entire world, Beyonce's place in FHM 100 Sexiest, 2014 has definitely been earned.

Seriously, imagine a world without Mrs Carter? Imagine how much more fed up Jay Z would look all of the time. Imagine what you'd be dancing too at 3am on a Saturday when you're boozed to the eyeballs and rediscovering an avid interest in pop music?

She's a true icon of the time that just seems to continually get better, like for example when she did this recent music video an unleashed her pole dancing skills. And dressed like a sexy leopard.

Here's sexy GIF tribute, may be Beyonce be with us forever and more...


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