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01 FHM goes to Mallorca to ask girls like these if sex really is better on holiday.

FHM: Is sex better on holiday?

02 Denise Schaefer takes some pictures with us for the very first time. And we have a very interesting chat with her about her video game skillzzz.

Denise Schaefer for FHM

03 Can Sophie, the star of this month's Great Sexy Moment, do a kickflip? Find out NOW.

Great Sexy Moment for FHM October

04 There's an invention in the pipeline that allows you to have the best sex ever with someone who is miles away. Read all about it in our life-changing inventions special.

Unbelievable inventions in FHM October

05 Do you know the fitness facts from fiction? Nicole Neal joins us for a session to find out.

Nicole Neal for FHM

06 What's better than FHM Girlfriend Amelia jumping up and down on a bed in her pants? Nothing, that's what.

Amelia for FHM October

07 And, of course, this issue would not be complete without the unbelievable Lucy Mecklenburgh.

Lucy Mecklenburgh for FHM October

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