In this month's mag, FHM presents its very own Happiness Manifesto of the big things you can do right now to be become a smiley sonuvagun. Naturally, we also took to Instagram to see what girls can teach us about being cheerier than pooches in a biscuit factory...

01 Getting great seats at the game.

02 A lovely bunch of coconuts.

03 Having your own calendar.

04 Having a lie-down on some really nice wood flooring.

05 Playing a giant game of chess.

06 Warming up by a lovely, roaring fire.

07 Being patriotic.

08 Hanging out with your equally hot friends.

09 A fresh new pair of Calvins.

10 Doing that thing where it looks like your dog is waving, complete with "hewwooo..." voiceover.

11 Hitting the open road.

12 Giving away all your clothes and wearing body paint instead.

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