This year is the best ever for older ladies: 28% of entries are over 30, with a staggering 8% over 40. Here are the five highest-placing mature entries on the FHM 100 Sexiest 2014 list

05 Sofia Vergara
Age: 41
100 Sexiest position: 52
In at #52 this year, Modern Family's South American firecracker is also Colombia's sole entry in the 2014 list. Ay caramba!

04 Kate Moss
Age: 40
100 Sexiest position: 42
Does Kate Moss age? We're pretty sure – and we've studied her Playboy shoot very, very hard – that she doesn't. Is she some sort of sexy alien? It's possible.

03 Jennifer Aniston
Age: 45
100 Sexiest position: 36
The woman who played Rachel Green in Friends has now been in the 100 Sexiest list more times than any other woman – this marks her 17th entry. Don't ever leave us, Jen.

02 Susanna Reid
Age: 43
100 Sexiest position: 30
BBC's loss is ITV's gain: Susanna is the sexiest thing to happen to morning television since Kelly Brook on the Big Breakfast.

01 Nigella Lawson
Age: 54
100 Sexiest position: 21
Nigella is the oldest lady on this year's countdown and she's in with a bang, storming into the top 25. Mmmmm, tasty. Yummy. Delicious. Etc etc.

Words by Dan Jude