4 amazingly hot girls that should have been on your radar this month

Posted by , 31 January 2014

Aarika Wolf

Aarika Wolf

Aarika Wolf first came to FHM's attention in December, when we featured her in one of our "15 Things..." articles.

As if by magic, we stumbled across the LA model's Instagram account and things have never quite been the same since.

Colours seem brighter. We can hear birds and stuff without wanting to throw bricks at them. She's… you know. Just look at her!

We're quite literally seeing double over here. And we predict that she'll be taking the internet by storm very soon.


Any day now.
Not that we're blowing our own trumpets, but it is going to happen and we called it and everyone's going to say, "Oh FHM, you were so right. We bow down at your infinite abilities to discover the world's hottest girls," and we'll say "Get back, you peasants! Get back!"

Just look at this arty video she did.

Aarika Wolf from Solmaz Saberi on Vimeo.

And she could certainly teach Miley Cyrus a thing or two about tongues.

No, not like that, you naughty little monkeys.

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