Britain's Top 10 Sexy Reality Television Stars

Posted by , 15 April 2011

Abbey Clancy

Abbey Clancy

Big break: Britain's Next Top Model, 2006

A controversial winner, perhaps. Anyone who beats Cheryl Cole at anything had better prepare to face the scrutiny of suspicious dope-testing medics. But if anybody wants to dispute the attractiveness of Scouse sweetheart A-Clan, they are IDIOTS.

Clancester's lingerie career took off when she appeared in Sports Illustrated wearing well, nothing, really - her bikini and football top had been painted on - don’t you wish you'd tried a bit harder in art class now?

She then turned her talents to presenting as well as modelling, and gives us perpetual cause to feel jealous of lofty lover Peter Crouch. Apart from when he goes shopping for shorts, of course.

She recently gave birth to their first child and the couple have set a date for their wedding, so maybe it's time we accepted that it's not going to happen for us. Nah, we'll keep dreaming.

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