Abbey Clancy’s been off our radar for too long, what with her having a baby with stilt-man Peter Crouch and all. Luckily, she’s back on top form.

We haven’t featured the delectable Ms Clancy on these pages for quite a while now on account of her being full of child, but as these pictures show, she’s back to being tremendously hot. Well, she was tremendously hot in the intervening period too, but a bit pregnant too obviously.

Abbey Clancy out and about in London
Dresses: revealing

What’s she been up to, though, aside from birthing baby Sophia? Congratulations are due to her and Peter on the name, by the way, as they’ve managed to avoid the stereotypical celebrity trend of naming their children something truly ridiculous – like Harper Seven for the Beckhams (which sounds like a book publisher or futuristic bounty hunter) or Bingham “Bing” Bellamy for Kate Hudson (which sounds like the sort of thing a 1950s songwriter would put in a chorus).

Well, she hasn’t been up to a great deal. She went on holiday in a fantastic white bikini, as you can see here, and she must have been shopping at some point. We say must have because a) she’s obviously purchased food as she would have died from malnutrition in the intervening period and b) at some point she’ll have gone out and purchased the tremendously sexy see-through black dress that you see her wearing here.

Abbey Clancy out and about in London
Dresses: still revealing

So, yes. Holidays and shopping. As you can see, our normal stellar level of celebrity research has failed us somewhat – but it’s Friday, so give us a break. It’s been a long week. How about you enjoy these pictures of her looking fantastic as she was out and about in London yesterday, and no-one asks any more difficult questions? Cheers.