If you’re one of those high-flying fashion types, you’ll probably already know of Behati Prinsloo. The high-flying fashion model, who was discovered when she was just 16, has since been the beautiful selling-point of massive campaigns for the likes of Prada and Kurt Geiger.

If you’re an average bloke, you might know her as Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine’s unbelievably sexy, cold shower-inducing fiancée. Who also happens to be a Victoria's Secret Angel.

Or you might not know about her, in which case it’s a good job you’re reading this because she’s bloody brilliant.

Here’s why…

As previously mentioned, she’s an amazingly sexy Victoria's Secret model. Here she is in some brand spanking new lingerie…



She was born in Grootfontein, Namibia

Which is a place that’s known for being really bloody hot, just like Behati.

She was discovered by a brilliant woman called Sarah Doukas

A lady that knows a thing or two about spotting beautiful women, she’s the genius that brought Kate Moss to international attention. Which was a great shout.

She did this music video for The Virgins

She’s not afraid of goofing around

Which means she falls into the categoary of BEST MODEL EVER.

She’s very interested in photography

And is a huge fan of Helmut Newton. He did this... which is mental..

Her Instagram will hit your eyeballs with the sexy stick


 Follow her Instagram snaps here.

Follow Behati Prinsloo on Twitter.


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