5 Golden Globe hotties you never noticed before they melted the red carpet last night

Posted by , 13 January 2014



If you’re a completely relentless film buff with an obsession for foreign cinema, you’re probably well aware of who Adele Exarchopoulos is, and why her lead performance in Blue Is The Warmest Colour is so important and why she’s one of the hottest ladies in Europe right now.

If you’re not a film buff, here’s why you’re going to love her.

Her breakthrough movie sees her taking the lead in a film all about lesbian love, that’s full of nudity and awesomeness throughout. This makes it brilliant for many reasons, but definitely isn’t the only reason you should love her – or the film, which to all intents and purposes is a brilliant, classic love story.

And, finally, she’s the coolest thing to come out of France since Serge Gainsbourg, not to mention that she’s a trillion times hotter.
She’s a smoking, philosophy spouting, sweary French beauty that calls a spade a spade, has no qualms with flashing the flesh and has a glint in her eye that says she’d eat you for dinner. And you’d love every single second.

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