Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel met up to rub short silk dresses together, do some really good pouts and launch the new Victoria’s Secret fragrance, ‘Bombshell’, over the weekend. The company’s fragrant fragrance spokesman said of the new smell: “Together, the sparkling fruits are balanced by sultry warmth for a fresh sensuality that is confident, sexy, glamorous and ultra-feminine. We designed this fragrance to be instantly memorable, one of a kind. Just like a Victoria’s Secret bombshell.” Meanwhile, everyone else present just stood there and gawped.

 Candice Swanepoel Adriana Lima Victoria's Secret

Bombshell joins ‘Victoria, Supermodel’, ‘Body by Victoria’, ‘Dream Angels’ ‘Heavenly’, ‘Victoria's Secret Pink’, ‘Very Sexy for Her’, ‘Very Sexy for Him’, ‘Sexy Little Things’ and ‘Sexual Secret’ on the list of expensive stinks produced by the company. Ten different perfumes is milking it a bit, but if it means Lima and Swanepoel getting all cuddly every time they launch a new one, that’s totally cool. Please, bring the stink.

Sexy Victoria's Secret

But there’s a decision to be made. If you could take one of the models home with you, which would it be? Adriana ‘set nut sack to self-destruct mode’ Lima or Candice ‘name like a tasty confectionary’ Swanepoel? Put your cards on the table, gentlemen. Ladies, you can vote too.

 Victoria's Secret hotness

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Victoria;s Secret Bombshell