Last week we may have got a little excited about Candice Swanepoel’s new Victoria’s Secret pictures. Well, this week we’re starting off by getting a little excited about Adriana Lima’s new Victoria’s Secret pictures. That’s right, good Monday to you:

Same again really, these shots of Adriana are from the Victoria’s Secret holiday catalogue, and the feeling you get when you first find out that there are new pictures is something close to waking up on a Christmas morning as an eight-year-old kid. Not that you ever woke up as such, you were always awake while time stood still somewhere between the 24th and the 25th, but you know what we mean.

Sorry, that last paragraph was way too long and didn’t allow us to show you this:

And this:

Better? Good. Adriana’s expensive property at the moment, having recently worn a $2million bra. We suspect that this stuff isn’t worth quite as much. But these pictures are going to bring up another multi-million dollar/pound sterling/euro question: who is hotter, Candice or Adriana? (We try our best to inspire you to think around here.) So, in case you've forgotten, here's Candice too:

That’s a tough decision. In fact, it’s so difficult we wouldn't put anyone through the ordeal of trying to pick one over the other – unless you’ve got a clear favourite it’s just going to lead to some major psychological damage later in life. That’s probably why Victoria’s Secret use both of them. What a stupid and totally pointless question that turned out to be. Sorry.