We’re going to let you in on a secret – unlike gorgeous lingerie model Adriana Lima, we don’t actually know that much about bras.

Which is weird, considering how many of them we see on a daily basis (maybe four or five times the average, more on Wednesday and Fridays thanks to the Week in Women) and still they remain something of a mystery to us. You’d think that after the raw amount of bras we’ve seen – most often with breasts in them, to be fair – that at least a vague technical expertise would have rubbed off on us by osmosis.

Adriana Lima promoting bras
We'd rub off on her by osmosis, if you know what we mean

And yet, crushingly, nothing. So when Adriana Lima brings out a new bra from our favourite bra-crafters Victoria’s Secret called the Showstopper bra, and fails to wear it properly on camera – instead merely draping it over her shoulder like an ineffective kitbag – we’re not entirely sure what it does, or why it does it.

It offers “no-show coverage", which basically means the bra is invisible. Not invisible in a sexy Emperor’s New Clothes way, especially if you pair it with an invisible bra and an invisible dress, but more that it’s not at all visible under clothes. In that it doesn’t leave any lumps.

Adriana Lima promoting bras
Invisible cigarette!

Which is fine, we guess. Was that a problem? We imagine it must be, for them to create a special sort of bra that caters to it. Frankly, we’re not overly bothered what it does: as long as the Victoria’s Secret girls keep wearing them and looking fantastic, we’re all for it.