Good old Adriana Lima. Even though the other Victoria’s Secret girls seem to get more coverage (like Candice Swanepoel, for example – you almost can’t move for the sheer number of words we’ve written about the saucy South African) she’s always there. Sometimes she’s in the background, wearing something tight and posing languorously. Sometimes she’s helping the other girls deliver interviews to camera.

She's just nice like that

But she very rarely gets an article all to herself. In fact, it was way back in February – yes, cast your minds back to when this country was a frozen, icy wasteland and Valentine’s Day loomed heavy on the horizon like some sort of romantic sword of Damocles – that we last featured her all on her lonesome, like she deserves. In an unusually Homer Simpson-esque move, she was eating flowers at the time. We’re not entirely sure why but it might point to the secret behind her fantastic lithe figure.

Well we figured that this injustice has gone on too long! Luckily, so did the good people at Blumarine, and they arranged to have some pictures taken of the lovely Miss Lima in a variety of sexy clothes. Which is just as well, really, else this article would have just been words with no pictures. And that wouldn’t have been much fun at all.

Adriana Lima for Blumarine
Basically NO FUN

So enjoy. Hopefully these pictures of Adriana will propel you through the stagnant morass that is Wednesday afternoon and onto the glittering hinterlands of Thursday morning, where it’s only a short step to the glorious, brilliant sunlight of quarter to five on Friday afternoon. Godspeed, everyone.