Just in case you weren't sure where to focus your fully dilated pupils, Victoria's Secret has given us a helping hand. Take your eyes off Adriana Lima's forehead for a minute, and re-adjust your vision to the tune of around five centimetres south. There. Got it? We know, it's a bit like a Where's Wally puzzle, but the added bonus here is that there's no self-satisfied little chameleon you want to throttle when you discover he was brazenly standing there by the water fountain all along. No. What we get here are a pair of joyous, life-enriching, sparkling, (insert as many superlatives as you can think of here, because quite frankly we haven't the vocabulary), bozonkas. 


Blithely ignoring medical advice that she could get pneumonia dressing like that at this time of year, Adriana Lima displayed the 'armed robber's dream' diamonds in New York, where she was modelling the fantasy bra at Victoria's Secret's SoHo store. This has no relation to our own, lovely, Soho, but is actually an acronym for the area situated south of Houston Street in downtown Manhattan. Why should you care? You shouldn't. But knowledge is power, and considering the government is effectively attempting to reduce our armed forces to a single pea-shooter, the more useless information that's in your possession, so much the better we'll all fare when the Soviets invade.  Also, remember, with education comes rewards. So, here's yours. Woman mit eine automobile. Could you ask for more?