Last week, we brought you the incomprehensible news that Adriana Lima wore a $2 million bra. We weren't sure how to take that news. It was one of those situations that was so confusing it left our consciences wrestling with themselves like overzealous lonely sumo addicts. 

On the one hand, Adriana Lima looks friggin' fantastic in any bra, let alone one made of expensive diamonds or pearls or other things we know virtually nothing about, like shrimp. (It probably wasn't made of shrimp, we were just making a point).  But, on t'other hand, we couldn't help wondering if perhaps a $2 million bra was a teeny-weeny-pearl-bikini bit of a waste in the current financial climate.

"Man, I'm, like, so depressed. I've been made redundant because of the credit crunch and now I can't afford to pay my rent, eat, or feed my pet salamander."

"Hey, lighten up, dude. Don't sweat it. Look at this $2 million bra."


"Sheesh, living in famine-ravaged Africa is a proper drag. We've got no food or clean water, and half the village has succumbed to life-threatening disease." 

"Cor, it can't be all that bad. Why not just go online and have a squiz at this new $2 million bra that Adriana Lima chick's been wearing? What d'you mean you don't have an iPad?!"

"Stone me, living in Pakistan ain't the best right now. The whole place has been flooded worse than a narcoleptic's bathroom. What we really need is some money to repair the damage and rebuild everything."

"Hey, look. A $2 million bra! Sweet, eh?"

It's no use getting all upset now, Adriana Lima. You're the one wearing the $2 million bra.

Ok, none of it's really your fault. You didn't ask for a $2 million bra. You probably didn't even have a choice about wearing it. Heck, you might actually have said, "isn't it a bit of a tragic waste to create a $2 million bra when the money could be much better used elsewhere?" You probably did, being the down-to-earth sweetheart that you are. Good on you, Adriana Lima. Shame on you, $2 million bra. Be gone with you.