As it turns out, NBC are making a new version of Wonder Woman. Also, as it turns out, Adrianne Palicki is playing the eponymous wonderful woman – even though Christina Hendricks was also going for the role, which means we’ll have to make do with just watching her in Mad Men and not running about fighting crime in a low-cut top. 

We don't know a lot about Wonder Woman. Her last appearance on TV took place ages ago, and the only other option is to venture into the subterranean depths of Forbidden Planet next to FHM towers and find a comic with her in it. We can't go down to the Forbidden Planet basement. There's trolls down there, you know. Actual hairy trolls, living under bridges, eating goats, and so on. 

(Plus we're too cool for comic book shops. We're busy dating models, riding sports cars around with the top down, wearing cool shades and saying "ciao" into mobile phones, things like that)

So, short of actually getting up from our keyboards or being old enough to remember, we had a quick scour around the internet to see what on earth Wonder Woman was about. The basic gist of it is that Wonder Woman has been trained by Amazon warrior women - or she's been blessed by all the Roman gods - or she's just a keen-eyed vigilante with a lasso. Whatever.

Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman
The lasso was more family-friendly than the previous mantrap and taser combo 

(Her super-powers are all over the shop, too, although in her original incarnation as a "liberated woman" she had the power to "type over 160 words a minute," which is just the sort of thing a crime fighter needs. She was secretary of The Justice League of America, so we guess it must have come in handy when Superman needed those reports done NOW)

The latest reboot seems to have chucked out most of that nonsense, and sees Wonder Woman struggling to manage a successful business career alongside her (largely mundane) war on crime. Fascinating! Liz Hurley, you’ll be pleased to hear, is taking time off her busy schedule of ignoring shouting men to star as business-themed villain Veronica Cale.

And the costume? Well, it’s sexy, sure, but it looks more like a Halloween costume than a serious superheroine getup. We think we’re fine with it not looking so professional, though. With a costume like that, maybe you could meet her at a fancy dress party. Maybe you’re dressed as superman, and you hit it off, and make nerdy, nerdy love. It’s okay to think about that. We’re not here to judge you.