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Posted by , 27 April 2011

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Age: 25
Job: Model
Drink of choice: Doesn't drink. "Although I might be partial to the occasional glass of champagne."
Ideal holiday: Mexico
Movie: Sin City or Burlesque

Where did we meet?
In a club. You came up to me.

I’m quite old fashioned like that –
I don’t approach guys.

What did I say?
You just kissed me.

Just out of the blue?!
Yeah, you just walked up and kissed me.

Cripes, seems a bit forward…
I liked it. I like guys that are a bit arrogant.

And afterwards?
We danced. You were a good dancer, too.

And at the end of the evening…
We went home separately. But I made sure you had my number.

Did I text or call?
You called me the next day and we arranged dinner. I like to eat.

Where did we go?
We went to Nobu, it’s a really nice Japanese restaurant.

That’s not cheap, can we split the bill?
No way! You’re the guy, you pay. I told you, I’m old fashioned.

How was the date? Was I funny?

Oh no, no. I hate funny guys.

How can you hate funny guys?

It just doesn’t do it for me. I like guys who are straight and serious.

How long until we slept together?
It was our third date.

And how was I?
Absolutely amazing.

So my arrogance was justified?
Totally. You were 10 out of 10.

BOOM! The perfect 10!
I wouldn’t sleep with a guy unless I thought he was going to be a 10.

I’ve bought you some expensive lingerie but you don’t like it…

I’d tell you. I’m very direct and there’s no point keeping something expensive you don’t like when you could swap it.

And what if you caught me trying some of yours on?
That wouldn’t be good. I don’t like jokes.

It wasn’t a joke.…
I would think there was something wrong with you, like you were going the other way…

Describe our last argument
You getting me horrible underwear!

That caused an argument? We tried our best…
Well, you should know what I like. I’m not demanding, but I’m not 18 anymore and I know what I want and I know what I like.

Did we make up?
Lots of making up, yeah.

With tender loving?
I like a bit of aggression. I’m a fiery

Can we pull your hair?
Of course! Our sex life is very spicy.

Do your friends like me?

Why not?
Because you’re arrogant, which is exactly why I like you.

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