What do you mean, you don’t know anything about Aimee Teegarden? You know two things: 1) She’s very attractive and 2) she has a silly name. And all of that without going anywhere near Wikipedia.

But aside from this, what of Ms Teegarden? Who is she? What makes her tick? And why is she standing around near a fake unicorn?

A grassy unicorn and Aimee Teegarden
We hope someone got fired for this

To answer those questions in order – a 21-year-old American actress/model, we don’t know, and because she was at the launch party for a spa. A spa run by fancy magazine ELLE (or at the very least endorsed by them) at the Eden Roc Renaissance.

The Eden Roc Renaissance, by the way, is not a badly-written fantasy novel, nor is it a Dungeons and Dragons supplement. It is in fact a hotel on Miami Beach that looks just like the ones you drove past in Vice City.

Aimee Teegarden at the ELLE Spa
We think "touching the unicorn" is a good euphemism for something dirty

Details on the ELLE spa are scant, but the hotel’s website hint that it offers a “full array of indulgent treatments” which gives it a conspiratorial air almost akin to that of a high-class Victorian opium den. Although chances are opium isn’t among the “full array” of indulgence that they offer, so poor show there.

Aimee Teegarden at the ELLE spa
Unicorns aside, Aimee Teegarden is very nice

What is on offer, though, is unicorns. Fake unicorns (because real ones are kind of hard to come by these days) with plants growing out of their heads, because nothing says opulence and class like a plaster horse with a horn stuck on and some fake plastic trees growing out of its head.