Sometimes when you think about cushy jobs (which you might do next time your manager offloads yet another little pet project on your head), one of the ones that comes to mind is professional modelling. Now granted, being at the low end, getting dressed up in a blue dress in car showrooms, standing on revolving platforms and trying to sell people on the benefits of buying a Buick seems to be a bit crap, no question there. But if you are Alessandra Ambrosio, Brazilian eyecandy extraordinaire and cashed up professional thin person, you can expect to be paid quite a lot of money to appear slightly vacant on beaches and use fashion accessories (read: small blue bags) as props for your epic posing.

Alessandra Ambrosio on beach with blue bag
Perhaps this is what they were staring at

No surprise then that this is exactly what she’s been doing recently, and with ever reliable Ashton Kutcher (Dude Where’s My Car?, Punk’d, former teenage heartthrob, now prolific Twitter person married to Demi Moore) lurking around somewhere in the background. We suppose this means that article has double the star power now, if that floats your boat...

Is your boat floating yet? Maybe talking about warm waves lapping softly on sunny Brazilian beaches will help. Allesandra and Ashton were both at Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, shooting and looking moody for Colcci, a Brazilian fashion outfitter who basically are huge, international and popular.

Want to know a bit about Allesandra? Sure you do! A Victoria’s Secret Angel, she was chosen as one of People magazine's annual '100 Most Beautiful People in the World' in May 2007. Hey, better than a kick in the nuts we guess. Allesandra also has the moneys (yes lots of them), with estimated earnings of $5 million over 2010–2011. Not bad for sitting on nice Brazilian beaches and stuff.

So, no revolving platforms and Buicks for Allesandra . Good work if you can get it, right?