Remember how just a few days ago Alessandra Ambrosio was pictured on this very site wearing some new Victoria's Secret pants? Well, you are literally not going to believe what has just happened. She has worn some more Victoria's Secret pants. That woman just will not stop. Good.

In the picture below she is wearing some purple underwear. The colour purple is meant to denote royalty or nobility. But we think it is very important that the Queen never even considers wearing this underwear. It would totally ruin her credibility, and make everyone do a big sick. Have you ever looked up the Wikipedia page for a colour? Jaysus, they are boring. They're even more boring than watching the movie The Piano, which is, according to most people who've seen it, well boring.

Alessandra Ambrosio in purple pants

In the picture below, Alessandra Ambrosio is wearing red pants. Red is, unsurprisingly, the colour of sex. This seems appropriate, since the vast majority of people upon seeing Alessandra Ambrosio in red pants will think 'I'd quite like to have a lovely bit of sex right now'. So those pants are essentially scientific.

The underwear below is black. Erm...something something massive cleavage.