Alessandra Ambrosio has done all Alessandra Ambrosio fans a favour this January by posing for the February 2011 issue of Harper’s Bazaar España. We’ll concede, straight up, that these pictures are not as brilliant as Alessandra Ambrosio posing in a soaking wet bikini, but Spain’s a cold place at this time of year. Just ask José Mourinho.

Ambrosio photoshoot

The Brazilian’s been photographed by a chap called Nico, who FHM hopes is not the same Nico that we knew at university. The Nico we knew at university kept lizards and snakes as pets and was nicknamed ‘Screwface’ because he regularly and even quite skilfully contorted his face into a tight, tense grin. It can’t be the same Nico. Ambrosio is looking at a different man.

The Victoria’s Secret Angel has nearly 100,000 Twitter followers, who presumably nod sagely every time she says something like, “I love yacht!!!!!” or click through hurriedly when she tweets, “Love Mexico!!!” and posts a picture of herself standing next to a hammock.


Ambrosio, who ranked 38th in 2010’s 100 Sexiest poll, turns 30 in April, but her modelling power continues to rise. The secret? The Brazilian Butt Lift class, which combines samba, Capoeira and aerobics to shell-shock buttocks into pert perfection. But be warned: recommend said exercise regime to your girlfriend with extreme caution. A man could die wrong, is all.