If you read this website – and hopefully we can assume that you read this website, because here you are looking at the words and everything– then you’ll doubtlessly be aware of the following two facts:

1) Alessandra Ambrosio is gorgeous.

2) Alessandra Ambrosio works for Victoria’s Secret.

And not, like, in Accounts or HR or something like that – she actually wears the bras, and so on. Well apparently there’s more to the job than just putting on a bra and smiling for the camera, as she’s on tour at the moment promoting their fine lacy products across the US. Here is a picture of her doing so sat on a scooter:

Alessand Ambrosio on a scooter
Jovial Alessandra!

We quite like the concept of a tour of lingerie shops, but then again, throw us in there for any length of time without a supervisory girlfriend in tow and we feel as embarrassed as we did when we were eight and out shopping with our mums in Marks and Sparks. Dark times. Dark, embarrassed times.

There are four reasons you (assuming you’re a bloke, apologies for any ladies reading, you carry on with your day) could be in a lingerie department alone, and none of them are particularly comfortable:

Alessand Ambrosio on a scooter
Serious Alessandra!

- You’re buying lingerie for your girlfriend, and have to endure burning humiliation as you enter a world you have almost no understanding of

- You’re buying lingerie for yourself, which is quite the social taboo

- You’re a pervert and love scrubbing about amongst the frilly drawers

- You’re lost

See? If you want to avoid embarrassment and proudly shop for lingerie – and for some reason can’t take your significant other along with you – then you can do worse than checking out our Guide to Buying Lingerie. Give it a read, it might just save your life.