Alessandra Ambrosio, wearer of bra and pants par excellence, turned thirty today. In fact, as she’s in America, as we write this she’s probably not even awake as it’s still early in the morning over there. She’s probably not even out of bed yet.

Maybe she’s having a lie-in to celebrate, who knows? She kicked things off early, though, by going to a swish party this weekend at the Grand Opening of the Marquee Dayclub in Las Vegas.

Alessandra Ambrosio celebrates her 30th Birthday
Pyrotechnic cake defences proved useless

Yeah, a Dayclub. Like a nightclub, but during the day, you see? The Marquee boasts ridiculously famous DJs (Roger Sanchez, Fat Boy Slim, Benny Benassi) and stupidly lavish surroundings, and it’s open from 10am to 6pm only. As far as things you can do on a Saturday afternoon go, it beats going to B&Q, we reckon.

We can’t really dance until we’ve had a couple of drinks, though (to clarify – we can’t really dance period, but having a couple of drinks relaxes the decency centres of our brains and allows us to inflict our moves upon other club goers) and as everyone knows if you have a couple of drinks mid-afternoon and sit in the sun, you doze off and wake up at around half four looking dazed and sunburnt.

Alessandra Ambrosio hangs out with sexy bikini models, because she's like that

As you can see, the good folks at Marquee got Alessandra a cake, although presumably with her diet she didn’t have a slice. They also got her a full set of bikini models to match the cake, which is great, and surely what every woman wants on her 30th birthday.