Alessandra Ambrosio is gorgeous. You knew that. You might not know that she was really, really briefly in Casino Royale, Daniel Craig’s first outing as new rough ‘n’ tumble James Bond. She basically turns, fancies Daniel Craig, then walks offscreen.

She flew all the way out to an island to shoot roughly eleven seconds of film. It was a real waste of her talents, and by talents, we mean appearance. We don’t know if she can act, but we’re willing to give her a shot.

It was a shame, really, and it looks like GQ Brazil agree with us, as their April Issue has lots of pictures of her dressed like a cross between a Bond Girl and Lara Croft, which is rather exciting but (more importantly) very sexy.


"KNIFE to see you, Meester Bond"

Alessandra Ambrosio already sounds like the name of a Bond girl, right up there with Pussy Galore. Alright, maybe it’s better than Pussy Galore. 

Ambrosio has connections to honey, right? Sure, why not. She could be a honey-themed adversary for Bond, perhaps luring him into an abandoned warehouse with her sexy legs and promises of low-price honey, and then BAM. Out come the bees. Thousands of them sting Daniel Craig over and over in his big face, and he escapes in the nick of time to jab himself in the heart with an adrenalin syringe because he’s gritty, now, grr.

Then later on in the film he kicks her off an overhead walkway into her beehives, and as she’s swarmed over by the vengeful, furry little buggers he quips: “BEE seeing you around, Alessandra.”

Then he runs through a wall.

Straight through, without stopping. GRITTY