Age: 29
Lives: Los Angeles
Likes: British men, who are "well spoken, thoughtful and smart".
Dislikes: British food , because it's "eww".
On Twitter: @alexandrabreck1
FYI: When she's not doing dollhouses, she likes taking pictures of her "very pretty" friends. Check 'em out at

Have you seen American Horror Story yet? You totally should. It's scary, odd and amazing. And, thanks to Alexandra Breckenridge, it's also outrageously sexy - even though she plays a dead maid who spends her days assaulting men. It makes no sense at all. What do make sense are her stories about special alone time and dancing to hip-hop. And that she's been the voice of 50 characters on Family Guy. To read Dan Jude's full interview with Alex, pick up the February issue of FHM, on shelves now... 

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