Alexa Chung has been at London Fashion Week. FHM’s style writer Matt Hambly has also been at London Fashion Week, from where he tweeted, “Outside London Fashion Week, on my iPhone, wearing rolled up trousers and tweeting about it. #supercunt”. Well done, Matt Hambly, we admire your self-deprecation and hair gel in equal measure. But we’ll get back to the beautiful Alexa Chung now, because, with the possible exception of Daisy Lowe, she’s definitely the best thing at London Fashion Week. And we haven’t even been to London Fashion Week.

 Alexa Chung fashion

Alexa Chung’s done some cool stuff in her life. She’s topped Vogue’s list of the world’s most stylish women, been the face of DKNY jeans and moved to New York to shack up with an Arctic Monkey. But of the many great and glitzy things that Alexa Chung has done, our favourite is when she rubbed lips with Holly Valance in a music video when she was 18. Crazy! If that happened today it would be BIG news, especially because Chung writes a ‘Today I’m wearing’ photo blog on and would basically be contractually obliged to say, ‘Hey guys, today I’m wearing Holly Valance’s mouth. It’s hot. My necklace is vintage and my tights are from Topshop.’


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Alexa Chung on a sofa with Ashley Greene: