Britain's Top 10 Sexy Reality Television Stars

Posted by , 15 April 2011

Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Burke

Big break: X Factor, 2008

When 20-year-old mega-warbler Alexandra demolished JLS to win X Factor, we had no way of knowing just what a rebellious little scamp lay beneath her holier than thou Hallelujah facade.

She then stormed out with her second single Bad Boys (you know, the one that goes "ooo-ay ooo-ah"), which left us hurriedly untucking our t-shirts and being rude to strangers.

Turns out A-Burke's not such a bad girl after all, though, as she rushed to earthquake hit Haiti to offer 'food, clothes and love'. We reckon the food and clothes probably went down best.

She's admitted that she hates being single and has taken to wearing hotpants as often as possible in an attempt to ensnare a male companion. Halle-hotpant-lujah.

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