Ali Larter is most famous, at least in FHM’s eyes, as the woman who wore the whipped cream bikini in Varsity Blues and also for playing ‘the one where there’s actually two of them and one’s really cross but the other’s okay’ in Heroes. And now she’s done a short film as an advert for Absolute Lemon vodka. In she plays “Lemon Drop” a sweet girl who goes mad. But we’ll let the ad man tell you all about it. “ABSOLUT Vodka presents "Lemon Drop", a short film starring Ali Larter. When her beloved kittens are mysteriously taken from her, this sweet girl next door will turn sour doing whatever it takes to track them down. With Lemon Drop on the case, sweet never hurt so good.” Sure, okay, whatever. It’s pretty cool. Vodka is cool, 34-year-old Ali Larter is cool, kittens are super cool.

We’re on board with this. A few months ago FHM was having a bit of a fat day, a day that happened to be lasting a few weeks, so we dropped the ber in favour of vodka sodas with fresh lime. They were very tasty. Very refreshing and very easy to drink. It gave you a different kind of drunk. The sort where for the opening act of the night you were the witty raconteur you always think you are until suddenly, you’re bludgeoned round the head with drunk. No hangover mind.