34-year-old Ali Larter is blonde and made predominantly of legs. She is also an actress who is in the less popular than it was TV show Heroes and plays not one or two or even three but four whole different characters that all look the same but have different personalities.

Much like the Kardashians, apart from the heavy set one of course (it’s fine to tease her as she’s aware of the fact she has hands like a rig worker, for proof just watch then episode of Kourtney and Khloe take Miami where she judges a competition where drag queens compete to be her most convincing likeness, that’s pathos yo). So, Ali Larter has done a photo shoot for Mexican Esquire, it’s some kind of double issue where Maggie Q, who we featured yesterday, is on the other cover.

It’s a totally great shoot where she’s in a sparkly leotard in some kind of attic or warehouse or run down shack. She’s having some quiet time. Our only concern is splinters, and tetanus, oh and spiders, and obviously ghosts. In fact, we’d prefer the whole thing if she were hermetically sealed in some kind of virus free penthouse. A bit like Howard Hughes but prettier. We wouldn’t want Ali to keep jars of her own urine or anything, well maybe one, but that would only be to keep foxes out of the garden. Sexy foxes.