5 Golden Globe hotties you never noticed before they melted the red carpet last night

Posted by , 13 January 2014



Girls is the TV show returning for a third season next week that's got everyone from your girlfriend to your best mate all in a hand-flappy bubble of excitement. Essentially a man-friendly alternative to the ear-splitting Sex And The City that veers more on the hilarious Bridesmaids side of the spectrum in terms of beautiful people with excellent comedy timing.

None of who are more stupidly sexy that Allison Williams, who plays the super feisty Marnie, and who you might have noticed blowing up thermometers at the Golden Globe Awards last night.

Here are a few GIF-tastic reasons why you should love her pretty face off.

Firstly, she's got a pretty-when-she-laughs face...

...a pretty thumbs-up face...

...and a bucketload of sass.

Oh yeah, and in the first series, you'll see her indulging in some 'private girl time' in the ladies' toilets. Aaaaand now we have your attention.

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