Before we saw these photos from Complex magazine, we thought (the not that famous but very hot) Aly Michalka was a Disney Princess. Not like Miley Cyrus Disney, which is all tattoos, dark shady pictures on camera phones and jumping around to the dangerous beat of the rock and roll genre of music.

Well this isn't very Disney is it now?

No she’s not like that, she is fresh Disney. She is the of the very large white teeth, lots of running but to nowhere in particular, forget your slippers ilk of Disney.

That was until she signed up to star in HELLCATS. Aaaaaah. It sounds terrifying doesn’t it? Well here is a screenshot from this nail biting new drama.

This stuff is the reason parental guidance exists

Hurray! Everything is back to normal and there are cheerleaders in the world, which means that women as hot as this are now human fireworks. God we’d really like a word with whoever was in charge of sports when it was decided British people weren’t allowed hot women prancing about pitch side.

Now she wants to be a boxer

You do get some cheerleaders over here. The last ‘football game’ we went to with cheerleaders was a varsity uni game and they certainly didn’t look like that. They’d obviously spent a bit less time cheering than they had inhaling chips and gravy and by the looks of them doing any exercise at all.

This woman has never eaten chips and gravy

They all had too much fear in their eyes to even attempt any lifts, so spent the whole time stretching and jogging on the spot waving their pom poms around, until a member of the opposite team’s crowd chucked a cup of wee at one of them. Nice.