Who's Aly Michalka? Fair question, pal. Aly Michalka is a beautiful blonde American lady who happened to be at the launch party for Saints Row the Third last night in Los Angeles. And seeing as we're big fans of a) beautiful American Ladies and b) Saints Row, we decided we'd share her pics with you.

Aly, much like Selena Gomez and Victoria Justice, was one of your Disney channel child stars. Presumably they're all produced in a factory somewhere, and once their programming wears off at the age of eighteen they're free to pursue wholesome singing and acting careers of their own.

Aly Michalka at the SR3 launch
Or "pull a Lohan" and go so far off the rails that track inspectors have to be called in

She seems to be, however, a good girl – in addition to the Disney heritage, she's a practising Christian (according to her Wikipedia page, which we're inclined to trust because it's easier than doing real research) so maybe the ultraviolent world of Saints Row the Third isn't really her thing.

But who are we to judge? Maybe she's into it; she was in Hellcats, after all. Plus she's appeared on this website a couple of times before looking stupidly hot. We're glad her interpretation of the faith allows leeway for ridiculously sexy dresses.

Aly Michalka at the SR3 launch
Like this one! Although, seriously, the previous ones were even sexier

Saints Row the Third is out next month, and hot damn are we buzzed about it. We're been dry-cleaning our Professor Genki jumpsuits in furious anticipation. For some reason we weren't invited to the launch party – maybe because we're not famous, maybe because we live in the UK, or maybe because we own Professor Genki jumpsuits that we wear so regularly we have to have them dry-cleaned. Who knows.